Monday, 5 May 2008

We went twitching today!

Bank holiday weekend has been such gorgeous weather, so we decided to make the most of it and go for a bit of twitching! I've been meaning to get down to Strumpshaw Fen for ages because it sounded like the perfect bird reserve - half woodland and half wetland. We cycled (only 6ish miles each way) there and with binoculas in hand strode out in high spirits anticipating bird action of some description. I think we may have been a little overly optimistic. We're not seasoned bird watchers but it wasn't like we were expecting them the put on a show or anything! Just would've been nice to have been able to say for certain what we saw!

Everytime we caught sight of something and pointed our binoculars in the general direction, the little blighter would duck behind a branch or fly away!! We might have seen some warblers and a fly catcher. We definitely did see a shadey looking robin who looked like he's been in a territorial fight - not at the reserve - but from the pub garden bench we sat at enjoying an ale afterwards!! A nice reward for a day of not quite seeing some birds! I was inspired to sketch a comic pic to express a bit of irony!

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jennifer said...

ohh I love that sketch its funny too!!