Friday, 31 December 2010

Favourite Illustrators

There are too many to list in one go but someone I keep checking in on (her blog is consistently brilliant!!!) is Viviane Schwarz check her out here The pic is from this blog - just to give everyone a taster of what they can look forward to! Obviously this is for promotional purposes only, it's copyright protected so - even thought it's an ace pic nicking anyone!!! Check out her Shark and Lobsters book - it's my favourite! I shall be keeping up the artist name checks - so look out for your name here soon all you arty ones!!!

Adventures of Jemima

Hoppy New Year to one and all - a time for reminiscing ... so here goes:

When I was a little girl I had a rag doll who was life size - actually she was bigger than me for a time with hair made out of wool and a big wide open expressionless face. One of the things I did while I was off the radar for a bit was to make a mini version of her for my desk to cheer me up when I was feeling demotivated or dispondant. I ended up giving her to my Mum for the top of the Christmas Tree in the end, but this is a pic I found of her not long after I made her - which is why she's only in her undies! I have just uploaded 3 prints I did of her in some hand-drawn settings to Etsy: here ... as if she was off on some wild adventures ...particularly liked the idea of a brocolli forest or beaches with giant pine cones instead of shells. The magic flying skipping rope also seemed like a good idea at the time...! I'm going to revisit this again this year and make a set for her and do an animation maybe - be good for me to get back into animation anyway!