Monday, 30 June 2008

Bird zine has taken wing!

Finally got my batch of Zazar Zine's printed, folded, packaged and up on Etsy! Now alll my bird doodles that may never've seen the light of day have a fun outlet! Having said this the cover illustration is poised to become a full colour greetings card. So he'll be more than just the electric blue of the card cover!

We've got an allotment!!

Woopy dodah! Finally collected the key for our allotment on Friday and with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, Manu and I surveyed what will soon become our home from home (especially when we get a proper shed!) Our excitement was almost uncontainable when we thought we'd found our plot - with veg patches already planted. We knew it was too good to be true when we spotted some very contented looking chickens at the far end. No, ours was predictably wilder than wild with nettles towering above me and rampant to the point of covering most of the plot. This minor (hah!) blight aside we did discover some globe artichokes like thistles - some of them had already gone to seed, but we did cut a few heads off and will have try them for lunch today.

Yesterday, our first proper day on the allotment, we got a bit giddy at the fun of it all! First we got to meet our neighbours (two very lovely couples called Chris and Lou + Ellen and Nathan) and then we later made a very fortuitous discovery - a tayberry bush!!! Goes without saying that we had a good old munch to make sure they were in fact tayberries - cross between a raspberry and a blackberry! Never expected to be eating fruits from the allotment this early on - definitely given us a taste for it!

I'm now trying to persuade Manu to start a blog otherwise I fear I will have to change the name of this blog the the Gardener of Gardnerville! (And yes, that is me running through the wilds!)

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

FCF Zine...

It was Norwich School of Art's Private View this evening and quite synchronistically, I finished the pseudo-stalker (!!) map I'd been working for the FCF Zine today which includes a sketch of the art school (top right). It was strange being back at the place that brought me to this *fine* city - it felt like a different life time that we were at the school, even though it was only a couple of years back. There seemed to be the very same throng of people packing out the street, except this time it's all been pedestrianised - which is darn great! The lovely weather all made it feel quite Mediterranean - everyone just standing chatting in the street - top evening!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Awww *blushing*

I got a really sweet message the other day from a lovely lass called Coki asking if she could post about my antics and here's what she said about me: -

Thanks Coki for such a lovely write up! ^^

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Exciting discovery...!

This morning I got really carried away with excitement having stumbled across this luscious crafty site: - - go there now for your instant crafty curiosity fix!

Otherwise will keep this short as have an allotment key to collect (wey hey) and a Fine City Friends meeting!! Before I dash off I suppose I could confess to breaking the emotional attachment I had to my wee moineaux (sparrow in French!) and finally got around to putting him on etsy - not before one last perch on my shoulder though...!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Tash tastic!

Managed to persuade my sister to don my 'tash and patch combo - I hardly recognise her!

Happy father's day to my owl fan of a Dad who would have received the wee brooch in this pic by now - hope you like it!?

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Jemima montages ...

I've been persuading my new handmade friend Jemima to strike poses for me! It was dead difficult getting Jemima to look as if she was actually in the painting. Nothing worse than that super imposed look unless of course there's a reason to want to create that impression - in which case it's gotta look deliberate! I'm hoping I've made the images look like they are an organic whole. Anyway, there's still one left to do with a bird in it (well of course!) ...

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Cigar guitar!

Just came across my next instrument of choice (once I've mastered the ukulele that is!) - especially because it's only got 4 strings... check out this incredible guitar! You can see more of this stunning musical masterpiece at: kwithrow's page on etsy (don't let the photo-shopped arm hair
put you off!!)

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Just finished making some radical pirate 'tashes and patches to go in my new pirate packs for all those aspiring to look like the handsome gents below! I've discovered there's a real advantage to the the fake 'tashe for the ladies (apart from the disguise thing) and that is that they double as philtrum warmers!!!

This all started because I made one for a friend of mine last weekend and on the night out to celebrate his birthday everyone ended up trying it on. It was hilarious watching everyone larking about for photos so I thought I'd take the idea a step further and make super colourful ones - that are reversible to boot - arrrrr!

This is the swashbuckling fellow really pulled off the look!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Lovely as a summer's day ...

Yay!! We finally got some nice weather today and as we got invited to a BBQ felt like wearing one of my most exuberant dresses. I tried it on and Manu gave me his most diplomatic 'please don't wear that' look! I did agree it was a bit larey especially with the knee high green sox I wanted to wear it with!! Anyway even though I didn't wear it in the end it did come in handy as I was inspired to make the flowers you see laying on my dress above - when we got back from the Barbey!

Tried to visit the allotment today and I won't need to worry about anyone pinching my rhubarb - it was like a fortress but despite not getting to see the plot I think I may have answered the burning chicken question - um sorry - don't worry no chickens to be burnt at the stake!! I mean it looks like we can keep chickens there -because we saw some ducks right near the entrance!!

Anyway this evening I've been busily hand scalpelling those plectrum stickers - they are a bit fiddly but I've been enjoying myself - I really rather love cutting (crafty things only - mind!)

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Make a little bird house in your soul!

I stumbled across this marvellous bird house by Ryan O'Rourke which makes me yearn even more than I already do for a garden - well this week I got the next best allotment - wooohooo! I'm so darned excited especially as there's a chance I might be able to keep chickens!!

Don't you just love the detailing of the 'gargantuan sparrrow'?! Sparrows are altogether pretty stupendous if you ask me!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hawaiian plectrums in progress...!

As the weather here's so un-summery I decided some Hawaiian themed plectrums might just cheer me up a little. They will be stickers and maybe even real life plectrums eventually! For now the general idea is that you will rush out to buy a ukulele so that you can stick these stickers on it!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Manu's new breakfast set...

This is the rather kitsch breakfast set I picked up for Manu from the 'vide grenier' last weekend. I was soo excited when I found it - there's racers on it and everything!! He assures me he's pleased with it - but hasn't used it yet and didn't use it this morning. He claims the cooked breakfast was too big for the plate! Mmmm...cooked breakfast!

Dear old boys

Met the loveliest elderly gent this morning sitting outside a charity shop while on my way to pick up some bread (was going to make some but fancied an early morning wander!). Manu was up for making a cooked breakfast and I really fancied a (fake!) bacon butty - so some chunky white bread from the co-op was in order. Really glad I bought instead of baked because I had the wonderful fortune of meeting the charming fellow in the picture above. He told me his accordian was from 'Czechoslovakia'. "Well it's an extra special accordian, seeing as the country doesn't exist anymore" I replied. I don't think he quite got but it may be because I didn't speak loudly enough - he had hearing aids on both ears.

Wished I'd remembered to ask him his name. He was soo old - must've been in his late nineties but played with such vigour and empathy. Proudly told me how he'd won competitions at holiday camps, of which there were photos stuck into a file where he had his scores. I told him "thank you for playing your wonderful music" and he replied with a empatic "no - thank you!" Aww - he really got me thinking about volunteering to work as a carer. He was soo sweet. Would you believe it that a few paces from home I ended up bumping into Mr Mumble (another elderly chap who has such a thick Norwich accent that it sounds like he is mumbling - always stop to try and understand him before he scuttles off determinedly in the direction of Great Yarmouth!) Maybe it was a sign - may well see if I could do some home support work - not too keen on working in a home ...

Monday, 2 June 2008

Jemima's been born!

Look - I've given birth to a doll - ohh err!! Inspired by the doll of the same name from my favourite (until Thunder Cats came along!) childhood tv programme - Play School, and also a reaction against those bloomin' hideous Bratz that my neice mysteriously has such a hankering for! Motivated aswell by watching Science of Sleep - so completely moved me - the horse was just adorable and mesmeric.

An unexpected bonus is that I now have someone to talk to other than George Lamb (bi ekk he's yummy!) on mighty radio 6 when I'm working! Still neither are great at talking back! Though George did read out a text I sent him last Thursday - was dead chuffed - thanks Georgey!! ^^

Anyway, next step is to create a love interest and animal entourage for Jemima (not one and the same!) + some illustrated backdrops to photograph her against - awww soo exciting!!! Must get down to getting stuff together for Pikapackage now though - craftiness/ scene designing must
wait for now!