Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Dear old boys

Met the loveliest elderly gent this morning sitting outside a charity shop while on my way to pick up some bread (was going to make some but fancied an early morning wander!). Manu was up for making a cooked breakfast and I really fancied a (fake!) bacon butty - so some chunky white bread from the co-op was in order. Really glad I bought instead of baked because I had the wonderful fortune of meeting the charming fellow in the picture above. He told me his accordian was from 'Czechoslovakia'. "Well it's an extra special accordian, seeing as the country doesn't exist anymore" I replied. I don't think he quite got but it may be because I didn't speak loudly enough - he had hearing aids on both ears.

Wished I'd remembered to ask him his name. He was soo old - must've been in his late nineties but played with such vigour and empathy. Proudly told me how he'd won competitions at holiday camps, of which there were photos stuck into a file where he had his scores. I told him "thank you for playing your wonderful music" and he replied with a empatic "no - thank you!" Aww - he really got me thinking about volunteering to work as a carer. He was soo sweet. Would you believe it that a few paces from home I ended up bumping into Mr Mumble (another elderly chap who has such a thick Norwich accent that it sounds like he is mumbling - always stop to try and understand him before he scuttles off determinedly in the direction of Great Yarmouth!) Maybe it was a sign - may well see if I could do some home support work - not too keen on working in a home ...

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