Thursday, 10 January 2008

I feel a ditty is in order ...!

Laid in bed last night and thought about the elusiveness of creativity and how even the wiff of self doubt gets in the way of it ... so I decided to write a little poem about it! I might turn it into a singing ode and try and play along with my ukulele!

Ode to Creativity

It's being in the thing

You're doing

All seeing

Not just viewing

It's letting minutes

Tick unheard

Not waiting

Or reviewing

Unhesitant and brave

Sharing and amusing

But more than that

It's simply using

Everything you've have

But only what you need

We're going on a 1950's girlie weekender!!!

Lots of excitement at skating tonight about booking up the following ...

[It's going to be frickin' rockabilly tastic - can't wait, but guess I'll have to find a way 'cos it's not till May!] The poster seems to be for the one in October - join us at that one if you miss this one!