Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lovely Violet

This is sweet and funny Violet, who my daughter is lucky to be great friends with. F really does adore her, so much so that she gives her hugs and kisses that she rarely offers to us - her parents! Lately she can't stop saying her name as a question, as if asking where she is! Sadly, Violet will be emigrating with her family to Australia at the end of the summer. Not sure how I am going to explain to F where Violet has gone in September, but just hoping that we can Skype and write lots of letters.

For Violet's Birthday, I drew this portrait of her ... here are the lovely family - just after they got back from a trip to Portugal, which was when I finally got to give them the framed illustration. I know Mamma Vanessa was pleased with it; just not so sure about Violet and her Daddy ... !: