Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Greetings Cards

I have been busy getting some new greetings cards designed and printed. So pleased with the quality of the ones I got printed by Moo  - such lovely thick quality card and envelopes!

The range is called 'Le Coq Gaulois' which means 'Gallic Rooster' - the unofficial bird of France. My partner Manu is French - so I was partly inspired by him. I tried to be playful - using just the rooster's body language to express the meaning of the words ... with dada inspired surrealism! The colours are meant to represent those of the French flag.

With Valentine's fast approaching, I have also had printed a card with some Northern Cardinals. These really are such stunning red birds. I also hope the body language of these two males (a bit of a nod to the campaign here in the UK to legalise gay marriage) ... is suitably romantic!? Before I started illustrating the card, I did a bit of my usual research ... and I found out that cardinals or 'redbirds' as they are also know, are amazing songbirds. Both males and females sing (very unusual) and they have up to 24 songs in their repertoire - impressive!