Monday, 7 July 2008

Last night I went to an Independence Day Party and a dressed up as a Native American


Also forgot to mention that we set up another blog last week...
When I say 'we' I mean: Manu and I, (Oxford Comma - love that song!!) and I'm hoping that Monsieur Frenchy will get stuck in as I will struggle with keeping three blogs going I think!
Go on Manu - don't be shy!!


Carnival & Music Festival Fun!

Had such a top weekend that I feel rather elated today! I've been working as a Steward at the Music Festival in Norwich's Chapelfield Gardens as part of the Lord Mayor Celebrations. The weekend long event went without a hitch or a punch up(!) and even though it rained a lot on the Sunday, everyone was completely determined to enjoy themselves - Dunkirk spirit lives on! Not that much determination was needed really - the music line up was so impressive that you couldn't fail
to have fun!

Here's a picture of the procession - the carnival festivities were in full swing by the time the headliner - incredible Rio (flown in from Brazil especially!) band Monobloco were joined by the samba group - the rammed stage was throbbing and we were completely entranced! The audience were enjoying it so much that buzz was electric! One of the best music experiences I've ever had and to think I'd been working as part of it - feel so privileged! ^^ I met so many lovely people (*gush!*) over the weekend and I'm now really looking forward to being a Face Painter at the up and coming KidZone events!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wish I could do this right now...!

I discovered this great site the other day and got rather excited about designing an altogether different kind of bird - a nani! Anyone fancy joining me in making a geometric birdie too? It's got to be worth a go! Better than playing rubik's cube (darn that alluringly colourful yet infuriating cube of frustration!!!)

Here's where you can have more fun playing with paper an scissors instead:
This extra lovely one is called Mamy and is designed by Natascha S Rosenberg

I'll stick all the pics of the end results on here so just give me a shout if you're game!

I really have too much to do this week, so I'll have to wait till next till I get going on this
*big sigh* :-(

King Fisher crazy

Ok, so I may have gone a little King Fisher crazy of late but I put it down to mild desperation - it's been ages since I've seen one and I'm
getting withdrawals!

To remedy my predicament I made another plush bird brooch - of the king of bird's himself!
Guess he'll have to compensate for seeing the real thing for now. I look almost trance like in this picture (I wasn't actually meant to be in it!)- I think it's all the happiness of literally making a new friend ^^ Embarrassing as this picture is (zero make up, freckles and all) I like the way it captures my little elfin ear and contrasting honk - the latter being so big it didn't even fit in frame!!

This is the colour illustration for the card I think I mentioned in a previous post...