Monday, 21 January 2013

'Snowfest' and new specs

In case you haven't heard the UK is one big snowfest right now! So last week the news on the street was that the streets aren't safe - to walk on that is! In the UK when it snows the pavements become near impassable (Here's some funny Norwich evidence to prove it: and the whole country seems to just want to hunker down. Hibernating instincts aside (I definitely have them at this time of year) I decided to avoid the skiddy pavements and tentatively tread a different path - Lakenham Way (with my daughter bumping along in the pram) and we were rewarded with some lovely scenes.

It was totally inspiring to make this little discovery along the way: someone's wonderful guerilla bird feeding attempt by a lamp post, happily being enjoyed by a robin - ahhh!

Back at home, Manu took this arty dramatic one of our garden:

...where I set to work putting some of this lot out ('Project Feed/ Water the Birds' is in full swing!) - I might have got a bit carried away, but I have been literally been losing sleep over whether the birds are going to be alright with what's turning into quite a cold snap. I have been checking out the neighbours gardens and it's looking rather barren on the bird food front so it was definitely time to step up the feeding!

In other news this past week saw me get some new specs - in preparation for going back to work after being on maternity leave. Not quite as effective at disguising the ongoing sleep deprivation as I might have hoped - check out those bags!

Speaking of sleep deprivation I had a grand total of 6 hours last night (bisected mind!) and got up at 6am to get ready to travel to the Sixth Form College where I work. Another 5cm of snow had fallen overnight and it was such an adventure walking down the crazy-steep gradient that is Mariners Lane. I was almost skipping but snow boots held up nicely. Just as I was getting to the train station, I saw some trees lit with Christmas lights - had I entered a time warp - surely it wasn't Christmas again already?! I make no apologies for loving trees and decided that anything that celebrates or attracts attention to them is alright by me - a sweet start to the week!