Monday, 7 January 2013

The wanderer returns!

Well now ... what do you know? I've returned! Just as I am sure you were about to give up hope of ever hearing from me in on here again!

Must apologise for the prolonged disappearance act. It's been quite a hiatus I know, but I have been dabbling with Tumblr and Wordpress in my absence. Decided to come back to Blogger as it is so much easier to use on my mobile. I also have another reason for being away for a time ...



And 9 months later (this Christmas)

So as you can see, quite a bit has changed in my life since I last posted. Flobear (her nickname!) was born on 13th of March 2012. It was a rough old road in the early days, but we were also as equally unprepared for how fun a baby could be! My partner Manu (pictured) has made this new chapter a whole lot less less rocky than it could have been. He is really enjoying being a Dad, as you might be able to tell?

It's certainly not all roses of course - it is utterly exhausting and F can easily consume my every waking minute, if I allow it! I have fought to keep a semblance of my previous identity, mainly by keeping my interests alive. I have had to become much more disciplined and have become something of a night worker - NOT in the lady of the night way (!) ...that is to say I do most of my drawing at night now. Sadly the crafting that I also used to write about on this blog has taken a major hit, but I still sometimes manage a wee bit of knitting in the early eves.

Being a Mum definitely forces you to focus your efforts. It also makes you more determined to enjoy the little time you do have, as there's nothing like a baby to make you realise that time really is so fleeting. So for me I hope to make 2013 all about getting my illustration out there - it is after all the thing I love and am officially qualified to do!^^

This Christmas, some of my work was published in the Annual Edition of 'The Lady' magazine. Here's the illustrations I produced for the Victoria Hislop short story (extract):