Sunday, 21 April 2013

If you go down to 'The Craft Room' today .... are sure of a big surprise - in the form of some seriously gorgeous wares ... by some seriously talented artisans! It just so happens that I was lucky enough to meet some of them properly at 'Clutter City' this weekend - and darn nice people they were too!

 Clutter City Craft Market 20/4/13 
(My buddy Gemma Correll designed the brillo pads website banner above!)

One of the lovelies I met there was Becky Garratt, who I already met briefly once at 'The Craft Room' (Hall Road, Norwich UK) and who I also realised has brought out some zines I am a great fan of! After seeing her great new cards at Clutter City, I realised she also has the most stunning and versatile handwriting - think I am a little bit in awe! I strongly recommend you check out her blog here:

This is Becky's great business card

Becky was at Clutter City with another great talent too - Will Wilson who is an amazing illustrator and painter of such amazing dinky brooches (have to be seen to be believed!)... you can find him on Twitter and Instagram here: @willwils0n ...while you are there ... I also bumped into another lovely creative bod: Emma Bosancko ...who is a mutual friend (thanks to Miriam Nice!) and most definitely worth a follow - check out: 'The House of Handmade' (here's the: Etsy Shop) for an array of inspired Vintage accessories. I just adore her incredible neckware (not sure if that's what you call it!?) I really am seriously covetting her lovely lined headscarves too- roll on payday! Here's some cross stitch loveliess she sold on Etsy:

Emma's 'Cross Stitched Horseshoe Brooch'

I guess I should add that I have also recently posted a Facebook post about 'The Craft Room' as I have some of my framed prints for sale in there. One of which is this illustrated fella:

Can definitely recommend checking out The Craft Room webpage here (where there are links to Bryony -friendly face and owner of the shop's- Facebook and Twitter pages ... go on - give her a 'Like' - she definitely deserves it!  The shop has been open over a year now and is really is brimming full of great stuff that is also realistically priced too. I also love the fact that you can have proper coffee under the awning out at the front and watch the neighbourhood tooings and frooings!! I shall be heading there this week for sure - whether the weather holds or not!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring has arrived in the UK at last...

This last week has seen spring finally descend on the UK ...only a month and a half late! Down my allotment in Norwich (Lakenham Baths) there is such little growth that I took to drawing some veg' instead...! With my thoughts filled with sowing onion seeds and shallot sets, my hands turned to drawing alliums of various kinds. Here are the stages I went through to make the 'allium garland' for my best friend's hen do last week (it was a funny surprise!):