Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sneak Preview of 'The Norwich Resident' mag' press

So, I thought I'd show you some of the illustrations that are going to be featured in an article on Norwich illustrators - due to appear in August's issue of 'The Norwich Resident'.  Since it launched in June, rumours have it that people have been trying to buy copies - even though it is free!! That's some frenzy! You can actually subscribe to the e-edition here - for free! More about it here too if you're interested...!

Emma Harrowing (the Editor) approached me and asked if I would draw something in response to the question: 'what does Norwich mean to you?' My experience of this 'fine city' is that I have been lucky to meet some mighty fine people (!) ... so I decided to draw some of them in our favourite haunt - our local. We get together for 'Stitch & Chips' at the Kings Arms on a fairly ad hoc basis these days, but there's definitely the same spirit of camaraderie - that ever there was since we first started going there - over five years ago now. For me a local is is all about friendly faces ... here are just some of the one's I drew:

Look out for the printed/ e-edition for the others I drew and to put names to faces! Here are a few snaps I took too from the night I did the initial sketches:

I was a bit shy about being in the final piece myself. I really saw it as a reportage illustration and like a photographer, the idea of me being 'in shot' didn't make sense... Anyway, here's hoping my friends are still just that - after they see how I 'captured' them...fingers crossed!