Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Postie paranoia & brown paper

The Postie (is that how it's spelt?!) delivered me some exciting packages I ordered from (American) Etsy sellers today, but not before gauping at my feet for what seemed to be inappropriately long time! I'm already rather conscious of my feet and so this has just stoked the foot fire - much like walking on hot coals!! The strange thing is I was just wearing what I consider to be rather non-descript tai chi shoes - tell me, do my feet look weird in them...?!? I got them from a great shop in Norwich called Feet on the Ground! Maybe he's into tai chi and was wondering if I did too. Whichever, he was intrigued enough to take a second glance before he left! Funny long haired fellow...he's got me thinking about taking up tai chi again actually - i do miss it!

Anyway, I'd love to show you the exciting things that were delivered to me but they're for birthday presents and so I don't want to blow the surprises! At least there are some rather nice stamps for you to see - mmm stamps - maybe it's time I reignited that geeky philatelic thing I used to be so into. Heady days!!

It was my best bud's mum's birthday the other day and found out that's she's turned 70 (I was shocked - she really doesn't look it!!) ... so inspired as I was to by the exotic brown paper envelopes from USA (so different from dull Jiffy ones!!!) I made her this card today ... I love gypsy caravan art and so I thought I would try and sneak a bit of that in to a typographic number!