Sunday, 8 June 2008

Lovely as a summer's day ...

Yay!! We finally got some nice weather today and as we got invited to a BBQ felt like wearing one of my most exuberant dresses. I tried it on and Manu gave me his most diplomatic 'please don't wear that' look! I did agree it was a bit larey especially with the knee high green sox I wanted to wear it with!! Anyway even though I didn't wear it in the end it did come in handy as I was inspired to make the flowers you see laying on my dress above - when we got back from the Barbey!

Tried to visit the allotment today and I won't need to worry about anyone pinching my rhubarb - it was like a fortress but despite not getting to see the plot I think I may have answered the burning chicken question - um sorry - don't worry no chickens to be burnt at the stake!! I mean it looks like we can keep chickens there -because we saw some ducks right near the entrance!!

Anyway this evening I've been busily hand scalpelling those plectrum stickers - they are a bit fiddly but I've been enjoying myself - I really rather love cutting (crafty things only - mind!)