Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year Revelries ...

What a New Year's Eve!

It really was one to remember and without all the hass that normally comes with going out NY eve. We avoided the undeniable draw of a party in a big old house up in Nottingham (twas an offer we didn't want to turn down, Mim and Jonny)! But reality set in and we just knew it would be hellish getting there so instead went to a party in our local - and what a night it was!

Awesome band V8 Rumble wowed us with an astoundingly good set and everyone honoured the staggering performance with some serious shoulder and hip shaking! Just hoping the year lives up to such a blindingly good launch party - have a feeling that with a reasonable amount of effort and a bit of luck this year might just pan out to be a stonker! Roll on 2008 - the year of infinity and beyond! Here's wishing the very best for all in 2008.