Monday, 12 May 2008


It was my neice's birthday last week and as we have some ultra cute lambs bounding about in a field near us, I thought it would be a nice idea to make Charlotte her own little baby sheep!

Her mum used to have a floppy tiger at around the same age as her and she doted on it so much that I was inspired to make my first proper plush toy. I drew quickly first (as you can see) and then just went for it and was actually surprised by how well it all came together in the end.

I made the little fellow from an old dressing gown in that ultra fluffy toweling material - that I decided to recycle because I had tea stains on it in places that wouldn't budge! The ears were also made out some brand new (too small!) brushed cotton pijama bottoms - so she's the perfect eco friendly bed fellow!

There was something bizaarely magical about watching the funny thing seemingly to come to life out of nowhere - it almost felt frankinsteinian! When I gave it to Charlotte I explained that the wee lamb actually had the same birthday as her was aged 0! She was a bit confused but it was great to see how much she loved Daisey (wierdly she named her this after I had spent that very morning drawing and making daisys - spooky!) and aparently she hasn't slept without floppy wee creature since her birthday last wednesday. I think it's sparked something off - watch this space for more cute creature antics!

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jennifer said...

I love the baby sheep that you made for lottie it is so soft and I want one now!!!