Sunday, 6 January 2008

Lazy Recovery Sunday!

I've just finished writing my list for tomorrow having not achieved a great deal today - well I am getting over a nasty bug! And at least I got some more corsage photos updated to Flickr + I've contact a few bods about my scarey birthday party (gonna be 3-0 - not 3 nill unfortunately, I know it's hard to believe!!;-)) on 23rd of next month - determined to get it organised early as loads to sort out! Got lots of fun ideas...but keeping stum until confirmed pre party venue!!

I got very excited today over a tea bag! Yes, well if you'd seen so would've you. I think it might have been made out of silk and the tea that came out of it so didn't disappoint - the packet said 'use creme fraiche' like everyone has that languishing in their fridge! Luckily there was some creme that's been hanging around since before christmas (didn't taste gone off!) so I glugged a bit of that into it instead. All I can say i get out there now and get your mitts on this tea - it is seriously good ... I must thank dear old friend Sammy for buying these for me for Christmas - a real treat. I'm just trying to think of a way of re-using the luxurient tea bags now. My only gripe is the brand name - tea pigs - yeh not the first thing you'd make an association with frankly!!!

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