Monday, 21 January 2008

Gardenville of Eden

How symbolic is this - My bike lock takes on a whole new Eden-esque quality alongside the lovely flower left for me by a someone I don't know - who says you shouldn't like strangers! Not me!

I am glad to tell you that I've already broken one of my New Year's resolutions! Promised myself to try to read books before seeing their film version - but I just had to watch 'Everything is Illuminated' last night! And no regrets - was incredible! Moving and funny at once - tragi-comic I guess you'd call it! I discovered it because of the soundtrack (Gogol Bordello) and which goes a long way in making it such a succesful film. It was playing on one of Milan Kundera's philosphies that you only benefit from the past by reliving it - heavy! One of the other themes I thought it was driving at was that we are defined by our actions. And that this is how we derive meaning from our lives. I really felt an affinity with Jonathan the Collector - I can't help collecting stuff - symptomatic of liking too much!

Speaking of which I can't tell you how completely over the moon I was to discover that someone had left a geberra on the handlebars of my bike only the other day- I left my bike in town and went to collect it Friday evening to discover the selfless offering - I shall live off this for weekes to come - thank you whoever you are - I am touched!!! Zxxx

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jennifer said...

what a lovely surprise to find the flower on your bike it renews your faith in humanity! speak to you soon love Mum x x