Thursday, 17 January 2008

Curb your enthusiasm!!!

Really really excited (can hardly contain it!!) ... I've just booked some crafty days at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich! Will finish this in a little while ... as gotta get me some work done...!!!

... Here I am again! Well it seems the names of the artists running the courses I'm going on is a great source of amusement to my boss who overheard me quoting their names - Fernando Marques Penteado (who's the artist in charge of the Fictional Stitches course on Feb 8th) and `Biddy Rychnovsky' (April 18th: Knitting Text) who I once met when I had an exhibition at the Bally Shoe Factory on Hall Road in Norwich (Fringe 2005). They sound really fun and if it's something anyone reading this might be interested in - here is where you can find out more:

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jennifer said...

hi zara i hope you get this i will try and get it sorted out think it mught work this time. i am loving all the stuff you are doing!!!