Friday, 30 May 2008

Twitter talk

As mentioned on numerous occasions, I really dig birds! This week I've been narrowing my birdy drawings down to some Norfolk classics, with a bit of observational wit on their names - here are the three I chose... and yes it's true Oyster catchers don't eat oysters - silly name choice or what? They'd actually much rather a mussel! Oh -and Black headed gulls are often mistakenly called hooded much to their discontent!!

Here's my preliminary sketch of the Oyster catcher - I looked at a lot of sources to see the different facial/body characteristics. Got confused about his beak which I realised wasn't curved at all and the neck too because the American Oyster catcher which looks pretty similar has a much longer neck, but it could just be that the Norfolk variety is prone to contracting his!


jennifer said...

the birds are very good you are so clever. It looks like you are having fun, keep it up!

gemma correll said...

very good my dear, esp. like the bearded tit.
so you like streetlight manifesto huh? the song 'a moment of silence' is one of my favouritest ever.

My name is CINDY...... said...

Love your birds!!