Tuesday, 27 May 2008

La Mome

Over the bank holiday weekend, we finally got round to being mesmerised by 'La Vie en Rose' - that stunning Edit Piaf film. I knew it was it going to be good but it really was truly compelling and Cotillard was just totally engrossing. It was soo upsetting that I felt an immediate desire to go and make a sparrow brooch. It's known as 'La Mome' in French (Piaf's stage name when she first got noticed). Always loved sparrows and their budgie like chirping that I used to wake up to in our neighbours overgrown garden in London... The poor little fellows are endangered now so it's not just about my interest in the bird, the singer (who I incidentally have more songs of than is healthy) or the film, but to bring greater awareness of the plight of this sociable little bird. Here is a sketch I am using as a guide for the brooch...

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jennifer said...

hi sweetie hope you are feeling much better now sounds like you are getting a virus, hope its not what libby had!
Glad you enjoyed your film and looking forward to all your new sketches cards etc..