Sunday, 25 May 2008

Clutter City Crafty fun day!

Excitement abound! It was the second Clutter City Craft Fair yesterday at Norwich Arts Centre and boy - what fun we had! We were 'clap bang' in the centre of the main performance hall and met lots of lovely new people on surrounding stalls (Amy 'Heavenly Hotcakes' McLachlan Sayer) who's scrummy cakes I got to eat all day long - including the cherry topped one above!!

Also nice seeing regular fellow crafters, like flame haired Flamingo Amy looking as glamorous as ever with her stunning hair pieces and also lovely Jessie Begley and her sweet handmade books! But mainly it was a day of welcoming new yet old faces to our merry band. Friendly fellow Art school chap Dave Bushell (yes - that's him in the photo pondering what he's let himself in for!) became the latest human FCF member to offer up his wondrous talents - returning all the way from Canada just so he could get involved!! I was also dead (sorry!) proud to introduce a new taxidermy member - Gladys the Red (squirrel) who got introduced to Larry the Grey. Was more amicable than expected 'though eye contact was strictly limited to side way glances. We braced for it to kick off between them ... (looks like Gemma's cowering slightly in the above pic!)
Altogether a top day - especially because I ended it in the best possible way - dancing my blue tights off all night long at a friends 50's - themed b'day bash held in Take 5's Crypt - a darn fine start to bank holiday weekend. ^^

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