Friday, 4 April 2008

Lovely Andrea and her pigeon friends

Yesterday, I walked along the riverside with my work buddy Andrea and I felt like I was in Mary Poppins because I met so many of her pigeon friends! Andrea had a bag of bread and was scattering handfuls of the stuff as we walked, which made it look like the pigeons were after us as they swooped and swarmed in around us from every direction!! I discovered Andrea (a kind and warm hearted bird and animal lover) does this almost every lunch time and so they are always expecting her! They seemed to flock from everywhere and nowhere but apparently they roost in the Cowe Tower (a derelict red brick artillery tower). There were even a couple of doves and half pigeons - half doves (doveons!). There is normally one with manky feet that Andrea had made such good friends with, it would come and sit on the bench next to her and eat out of her hand. It wasn't there yesterday and Andrea was worried. I hope he's there next time. I would rather like to make friends with him too! I thought I'd do a little drawing of one of the lovely pidgeons!

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