Thursday, 31 January 2008


Something miraculous happened yesterday evening - I found a photo of Jesus!!!! I love the way it was all damaged - especially his face. I thought it was quite fitting that religion is on the wane and so symbolic that it was all battered. I think it is a rather beautiful find. Manu said Jesus must have been a hippy with his long hair!!!

I'm not religious, but I really like the use of symbolism often found in religious stuff. Been looking at amulets a lot just lately and they have given me lots of inspiration for lucky charm brooches I've been making. The weather has been so bleak (it's almost apocalyptic out there at righ now so we've shut the shutters in the studio to block it out!!) that have not had enough daylight to take nice pictures of them - might just have to make do with the old tungsten. Will try and post them on here when I get home tonight. I'm going to bingo tonight for the first time ever - with guys from work - think it could be fun!! Tell you all about it later ...!

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jennifer said...

hope you have a great evening at bingo it will be an experience!!!!!
wish i could come to your craft fair I think it will be fun, will ring on Sunday to see how it all went love Jenn x