Saturday, 12 January 2008

Competing list book!

My littlest Sister Libby gave me a really amazing handmade pad for Christmas made up of loads of great sheets of paper in varying madcap patterns (80's theme seems to be dominant!) she'd deliberately crumpled. I used it yesterday to begin writing what I need to do to organise my 'Oh So Kitsch Apre Ski Party' and realised that it could compete with my other lovely Book of Lists (made by Anthony Zinonos - see my first ever blog post!) so I've decided to compartmentalise!!! Libby's will be for long term planning and my skirt one for short term - blimey how glad am I that I've sorted that one - can get on with my day now - off to's blazing winter sun out there and can't wait to get me some rays!

It's alright - there's nothing ablaze in the background and no my hand hasn't doubled in size! It's Manu's sneaking into the picture (he's such an attention seeker!!!) I just love the handpainted Ukulele, Libby - the on the hoof angle and bubbley shape + the way it can stand up on it's own like a card - it's top drawer lil' sis (even in fear of sounding patronising -well done you!)

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